A continental country like Brazil is capable of offering a wide range of destinations with very different customs, landscapes, cultural attractions and even climate. 

There is a lot to do and get to know from north to south of the country. A long list of beaches, forests, historic cities, mountain towns, swampland, canyons, urban and cosmopolitan metropolises. Besides the different typical festivals, the dialects and the rich gastronomy, which also diversify according to the region visited.

Why is it exclusive?

With capacity for 60 guests, the four-storey boat has air-conditioned cabins, bathrooms with hairdryer and are located between the first and second floors, along with the boat's convention centre and spa. On the third floor is a beautiful dining room, a cinema room, a TV room, a games room and a lounge area.

The boat's infrastructure also includes an adult swimming pool, a swimming pool with wet bar and a jacuzzi located on the solarium deck, which also houses a gym, a bar, a barbecue area and a common leisure area. The itinerary, which combines two days in Bonito and one night in Corumbá.

Suggested Hotel

Kayamã Cruise

Best time to visit

The dry season is the best time to see the Pantanal animals, from May to September.

Unmissable experiences:

  • Historical and cultural circuit in Corumbá;

  • Nocturnal river focus;

  • Land Safari;

  • River Safari;

  • Horse riding and hiking.

Airport / Hotel

3 hours

Destination profile

Nature and ecotourism

Average Temperature



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Rua Bela Cintra, 756

Suite 101, Lyon Building - Consolação neighborhood.

ZIP CODE: 01415-002

São Paulo-SP - Brazil