As the covid-19 pandemic has spilled from 2020 into 2022, so many people in so many places are talking about burnout, including in our DMC Brazil. This is not a new phenomenon, but in the past 50 years, the term “burnout” has become a popular way of describing this particular feeling of exhaustion that captures what many people are experiencing now.

According to the World Health Organization, “Burn-out is a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed”. It is characterized by three dimensions:

  • Feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion
  • Increased mental distance from one’s job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one’s job
  • Reduced professional efficacy

It is now very clear that the pandemic has aggravated burnout and related forms of workplace distress, across many industries. This has led more organizations to become more aware of burnout, and more concerned about what to do about it. A growing number of companies around the globe (Linkedin was one of the first big companies to do it) are trying a new paid time off policy: the company-wide vacation, in which businesses close their offices and all employees are given the same week of paid leave. 

With increasingly intense workloads, associated with the difficulty of separating domestic and professional spaces – since remote work has become the norm –, the need to disconnect and rest has become an increasingly sensitive topic within the corporate environment. Drastic measures such as collective vacations may be necessary to force people to rest and return more relieved. This type of vacation plan “is a great idea for peoples’ mental health,” says Lucy McBride, an internist doctor in Washington, D.C. “In the pandemic, there’s very little separation between work and life, and people need to have breaks and clear lines around those breaks.”

DMC Brazil: Travel to unravel

Traveling is, admittedly, one of the most efficient and pleasurable ways to have physical and mental rest. The benefits are numerous, but here are 4 reasons to start planning your next itinerary right now.

  1. Traveling is a great opportunity to live out of the ordinary experiences, in addition to meeting new people and helping to combat the monotony of routine. The personal connections we make during a trip and the cultural background acquired are excellent ways to increase mental well-being and help create a more optimistic view of opportunities in life.
  2. Travel helps your brain function better and boosts creativity. Immersing yourself in new cultures increases your mind’s ability to move between different ideas, think more deeply, and integrate thoughts. 
  3.  Travel is great for relieving stress and improving your general outlook on life. According to a 2013 study with people aged 25 to 70+, 80% of respondents said travel improves their general mood and outlook on life with 75% of respondents also saying travel helps them reduce stress.
  4. Time away from work can increase your energy and productivity at work. A Harvard Business Review study of over 400 travelers found that 94% of respondents had as much or more energy after coming back from a good trip. So, book that holiday and crush your work goals when you return!

Discover the 5 top-trending destinations in DMC Brazil for 2022

Lencois Maranhenses, Maranhão

We could easily say that Lencois Maranhenses is paradise. And we wouldn’t be exaggerating! This is a region made up of dunes, mangroves, rivers and lagoons formed by rainwater that, together, present visitors with a unique scenario. Yes, what you’ll see there doesn’t exist anywhere else. The region – located in the northwest of the state of Maranhão and 250 km from the capital São Luís – occupies an area of 155 thousand hectares. Within this wonderful piece of land is the Lencois Maranhenses National Park, where the most beautiful lakes in the region and the famous dunes of Maranhão are located.

Alter do Chao, Pará

The energy of the Amazon waters and all the force of nature that surrounds Alter do Chao, in Pará, are capable of recharging any energy, even after such a turbulent period! Take advantage of the dips in the spectacular Tapajos and Arapiuns rivers to refresh your body and mind in one of the best destinations in Brazil. The place is ideal to rest and also to maintain some isolation, if necessary. Those who travel to Alter do Chao will find countless beaches of white sand and the good news is that diving is in fresh water. In addition to the river beaches, such as the famous Praia da Ilha do Amor, Alter do Chao also offers travelers magnificent forests, inviting lagoons, incredible streams and igapós and walks amid the always magnificent Amazonian vegetation. 

Sao Miguel dos Milagres, Alagoas

Sao Miguel dos Milagres is a city in Alagoas that is conquering more and more fans in Brazil. The small town is part of the so-called Ecological Route, a little piece of the northern coast of Alagoas that enchants for its simplicity, charming inns and empty beaches, with natural pools and coconut trees as far as the eye can see. The small stretch of coastline of the Ecological Route comprises about 25 km, which are part of the Costa dos Corais, an environmental protection area. All along this coast, formed only by small towns, the beaches have a warm sea, with greenish waters and in many places there are natural pools with crystal clear water, which can be visited by taking a raft ride. 

Paraty, Rio de Janeiro

On the southern coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro, right on the border with São Paulo, Paraty attracts tourists from all over Brazil and the world for its charm, nature and history. A coastal city, Paraty has beautiful beaches, but it manages to offer its visitors much more than that. Classified as a National Heritage Site by Brazilian Institute of National Historic and Artistic Heritage, the Historic Centre is certainly the most charming place in the city. Walking through the streets is like stepping back in time and diving into Brazil’s colonial era. In addition to the old houses, with white facades and colorful details, Paraty has a number of churches, such as the Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora dos Remédios and the Igreja do Rosário. There is no lack of beautiful beaches in Paraty and the region. Praia do Sono is one of them, surrounded by mountains and with a crystal clear sea. Other options are Praia do Pontal, Praia dos Antigos and Antiguinhos, Praia do Trindade and much more. With a clean and calm sea, many are ideal for diving.

Jalapao, Tocantins

Do you want to take an incredible trip, full of natural beauty and lush landscapes? Between golden dunes, grandiose landscapes, fervedouros and waterfalls, Jalapão conquers more and more travelers who love ecotourism. In the middle of the savannah of Tocantins, Jalapão is being discovered by tourists looking for a few days of rest away from large urban centers.

Although it is still in the tourism expansion and development phase, Jalapão promotes the best for those who do not give up living ecotourism in style. Jalapão tours mainly include waterfalls and the famous fervedouros (where deep springs turn into oases that allow visitors to float effortlessly); a set of golden dunes perfect for sunsets; and rock formations that seem to have come out of paper, so perfectly designed by nature, such as Serra do Espírito Santo and Pedra Furada. In other words: the face of the perfect vacation!

DMC can take you there!

The best destinations in our DMC Brazil await you in 2022! We know that in recent times many travel dreams have been postponed, but in 2022, with the advancement of vaccination, it will be possible to resume plans and carry out all the trips that were put aside in the past year. And since the last few months have not been easy, how about investing in destinations in Brazil that help recharge your energies to face 2022? Some of the best destinations in Brazil are capable of lifting the spirits of any traveller. It’s time to resume plans and think about good trips around a DMC Brazil. You deserve it!