In the realm of travel and events, the journey is just as important as the destination. So, first and foremost, it's crucial to recognize a Destination Management Company (DMC) as a valuable asset for your company's success. Corporate events and travel incentives play a pivotal role, but organizing such endeavors, particularly abroad, can pose challenges, especially without in-depth knowledge of the chosen destination.

Collaborating with an external DMC is a practical consideration. While some may question its necessity, pondering the presence of an in-house event planner or relying on personal travel experience and online resources, the resounding answer lies in the DMC's role as “local experts.” Their insights into the chosen area, be it a specific city or more commonly, a country, surpass the accuracy and timeliness of information you might glean from online searches.

By leveraging the expertise of a DMC, you, as the responsible party, can redirect your focus to internal matters and ensure the company's objectives are achieved. Juggling various responsibilities, from presenting the program's Return on Investment (ROI) to stakeholders and aligning it with the company's overarching goals, to ensuring the program content and design authentically mirror the company's culture, demands significant time and effort.

In this blog post, we explore the myriad reasons why collaborating with a local DMC can elevate your travel or event planning to new heights.


Unparalleled Local Expertise:

The number one reason to work with a DMC may seem obvious, but its importance can't be overstated: local expertise. DMC staff know their destination inside and out and can recommend the best things to do and places to go, whether off the beaten path or on the main drag. Their local knowledge means they can suggest unique ideas that you may not have thought of or even been aware of. (Not everything can be found on Google!) They can also provide local support staff so their expertise is available onsite whenever you need it. Their knowledge isn't limited to where to go—it also extends to when. Whether you're looking to avoid the crowds or want the best weather possible, DMCs can recommend the best time to visit to make your event a success.


Total Customization:

Local DMCs specialize in tailoring experiences to suit your specific needs and desires. From crafting personalized itineraries to curating themed events, Go Together DMC takes pride in their ability to transform your vision into reality. This level of customization ensures that every aspect of your experience aligns perfectly with your goals, creating memories that last a lifetime.


Seamless Logistics:

Navigating the logistics of an event or travel itinerary can be a daunting task, especially in an unfamiliar destination. Local DMCs like Go Together have a deep understanding of the local infrastructure, regulations, and vendors. This expertise allows them to navigate potential challenges with ease, ensuring that your plans unfold seamlessly and without a hitch.


Cost-Effective Solutions:

Just as a DMC's relationships with local suppliers lead to quality assurance, they may also lead to cost savings. Some DMCs may receive preferred pricing that wouldn't otherwise be available to you, and they have the time and experience to save you money while still delivering on the attendee experience. For example, you may have heard of the most popular restaurant in town, but the DMC staff knows that the locally-owned family restaurant actually serves the best food at a fraction of the price. They also know the standard pricing for the area to help you avoid scams or unnecessary add-ons. 


Crisis Management:

Unexpected challenges can arise during any event or journey. Local DMCs are adept at handling unforeseen circumstances, drawing on their local knowledge to swiftly resolve issues and keep your plans on track. The great range of services DMCs offer is extremely handy in a pinch. Got a challenging customer on your hands? Your DMC partner is ready to offer experiences on the fly when your needs change. That's perfect for exclusive clients who expect top-tier service. And because they've been working with customers for decades, you'll know that the level of service they provide is top-rate. Your DMC will end up being your best friend in-country, helping you to react to client's changing needs


Cultural Immersion:

One of the most significant advantages of collaborating with a local DMC is the opportunity for authentic cultural immersion. Go Together DMC understands that travel and events are not just about ticking off landmarks; they are about connecting with the soul of a destination. Local DMCs can introduce you to local customs, traditions, and culinary delights that may remain undiscovered without their expert guidance. This immersion enhances the overall quality of your experience, leaving you with a deeper appreciation for the destination.


Time Efficiency:

Planning a trip or event can be time-consuming, especially when you're dealing with a destination you're not familiar with. A local DMC understands the local landscape and can efficiently navigate through logistics, saving you valuable time and energy. Go Together DMC streamlines the planning process, allowing you to focus on enjoying the journey rather than getting bogged down in the intricacies of coordination.


Flexibility and Adaptability:

Travel plans can often be unpredictable, and events may require last-minute adjustments. Local DMCs excel in their ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Go Together DMC's team is known for its flexibility, ensuring that your plans can be adjusted seamlessly, whether due to weather conditions, unforeseen events, or spontaneous changes in your preferences.


Enhanced Security and Safety:

Safety is a paramount concern when it comes to travel and events. Local DMCs prioritize the well-being of their clients, possessing an in-depth understanding of the local safety landscape. Go Together DMC takes proactive measures to ensure the security of your experience, from selecting safe venues to providing reliable transportation options. This focus on safety contributes to your peace of mind, allowing you to fully enjoy your journey without unnecessary worries.


Post-Event or Trip Support:

The relationship with a local DMC doesn't end when the event concludes or the trip concludes. Go Together DMC offers post-event or trip support , ensuring that your experience lingers positively in your memory. Whether it's providing follow-up assistance, collecting feedback, or addressing any post-experience queries, their commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the duration of your journey.


Community Impact:

Collaborating with a local DMC such as Go Together often goes beyond individual benefits. By choosing local expertise, you contribute to the economic and social development of the destination. Local DMCs are often deeply committed to responsible tourism practices, ensuring that the communities they operate in benefit from the influx of visitors. This responsible approach to tourism aligns with modern travel values, enhanced sustainability and community well-being.



The decision to work with a local DMC is not just a pragmatic choice; it's a commitment to an unparalleled experience. Go Together DMC summarizes the qualities that make local DMCs indispensable for a great incentive travel. Our dedication to a profound cultural immersion in Brazil, our personalized connections, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart in such a competitive market.

With Go Together DMC, you're not just choosing merely a service; you're choosing a partner in crafting moments that transcend the ordinary. So, if you wish to elevate your incentive travel experience by bringing your team to Brazil, choose local: choose Go Together.

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