Imagine this: your team has been working tirelessly, putting in extra effort to meet their targets, and you, as their manager, want to reward them in a way that goes beyond the typical bonuses or gift cards. That’s where incentive trips come into play!

In this blog post, we’re going to dive into the world of incentive trips, what they’re all about, and why they can be a game-changer for your business. Plus, we’ll explore how a trusted Destination Management Company (DMC) – like us! – can make all the difference in creating a rewarding experience for your team.


Incentive Trips: More Than Just a Vacation

So, what exactly are incentive trips? They’re not your typical vacations; they are curated, motivational journeys that reward top-performing employees and motivate teams to excel. These trips are designed to offer unique experiences, serving as a powerful incentive for employees to perform at their best.

They can be divided into two types: for groups and individuals. Typically, individual incentives are designed to reward an employee for certain achievements and group incentives are designed to foster bonds between members of a department.

Broadly, incentive travel have 3 main characteristics: they must be unique, creative and fun. They can also be tailor-made to it’s fullest, focusing on themes like sports, nature, culture, group activities and much, much more (one of the latest trends in the sector is to develop activities related to cooperation and social responsibility).


Benefits for Managers and Teams


  1. Amplifying motivation

The power of an incentive trip extends beyond a mere reward. It’s a catalyst for supercharged motivation. By offering your team an incentive trip, you’re giving them a target, igniting a desire to excel. Achieving the travel experience becomes a personal and professional goal, driving your team to surpass their own expectations and productivity levels.

Did you know that incentive travel programs are a more powerful motivator than cash?

It’s true! A study from the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) found that incentive programs increase workplace performance by an average of 22%, with team incentives able to improve performance by as much as 44%. Moreover, according to a study by Site International Foundation and the Incentive Travel Council, a whopping 96% of employees say they are motivated by travel incentives, and 72% who earn the reward say they feel increased loyalty to the company
  1. Team building

Incentive trips go beyond the surface level of team dynamics. They’re not just about mingling over cocktails; they’re about shared adventures that become the bedrock for strong, cohesive teams. When your colleagues journey together through uncharted territory, they forge bonds that extend well beyond the trip itself. The spirit of collaboration, understanding, and support cultivated during these experiences reverberates back into the office, creating a more harmonious and productive work environment.

  1. Recognition and appreciation

Genuine recognition and appreciation can sometimes be rare commodities in our fast-forward lives. An incentive trip is a tangible symbol of your appreciation and recognition for your team’s dedication and hard work. It speaks volumes about your gratitude, fostering a deep sense of loyalty and dedication among team members.


Some aspects that you should consider when planning your trip incentives:

  • It is important to have a balance between leisure and business activities.
  • The selection of the destination is a key to the development of activities. 
  • Keep in mind the demographic characteristics of the audience and adapt the activities to their needs.
  • It must be always new and attractive. The idea is to reward and encourage audience’s participation, so you should get your attention and never had been made before.
  • It is recommended to make a site inspection in the selected destination to check all the services contracted


How Incentive Trips Leverage Businesses?

  1. They attract top talent

We all know many industries are experiencing staffing shortages. In fact, studies show that there will be an estimated shortage of 85 million workers around the globe by 2030. With so many job openings, employers are pulling out all the stops to attract talent to fill their positions making it a remarkably competitive market.

Whether you’re touting incentive travel in job listings, on social media, via word of mouth, or in interviews, the promise of travel rewards can be a strong incentive for a job seeker to choose you.

  1. They boost employee satisfaction and retention

While attracting talent is important, keeping it is even more crucial. Employee retention can be directly linked to employee satisfaction, so finding ways to keep the great employees you already have is one of the best benefits of travel rewards. There’s little doubt that travel rewards also boost employee satisfaction, especially if you let your team tack on a few extra days before and after the work commitment. That satisfaction also turns into employee loyalty, ensuring that not only are you hiring the best employees out there, but you’re keeping them, too (saving you money in the long run).

  1. They boost employee productivity

One reason you don’t want positions at your company to go unfilled is that it means there’s work left undone. The same can be said for a non-productive workforce. That doesn’t mean they’re not doing anything; it just means they may not be as productive as you’d need or like. Incentive travel can change that. In fact, incentive travel may boost employee productivity by up to 20%.

  1. They boost employee creativity

Few things help your team engage in “thinking outside the box” quite like getting outside the box. Teams in a new environment are not only exposed to new experiences, but those experiences also enhance their creativity. Further, a relaxed, less-restrictive environment may also help boost creativity as well. So, when it comes to generating new ideas and creative problem-solving to push past challenges, incentive travel may be just what you and your employees need.


Why Choose Incentive Trips as a Rewarding Program?

Unique and Memorable

Incentive trips are experiences that linger in the hearts and minds of your team, long after they’ve returned to their desks. Unlike impersonal cash bonuses or generic gifts, an incentive trip is a cherished memory that your employees will treasure for years to come.

Higher ROI

An incentive trip is not an expense; it’s an investment. The increased motivation and productivity, coupled with enhanced sales performance and employee loyalty, will likely outweigh the cost of the trip. The ROI on these programs is a testament to their effectiveness.

Competitive Advantage

In the ever-competitive job market, businesses need a unique edge. Incentive trips offer that edge. They attract not just employees seeking a paycheck but those who want to work for a company that truly recognizes and rewards their efforts. Incentive trips showcase your commitment to your team, making your business a top choice for top talent.


Last, But Not Least: what’s the Benefits of Working with a Trusted DMC?

Seamless Execution: From transportation logistics to accommodation arrangements, and from activity planning to dining experiences, a trusted DMC like takes care of every minute detail. Their expertise ensures a seamless and stress-free trip that leaves both you and your team with nothing but delightful memories.

Cost-Effective Planning: We understand that your budget is valuable. Our extensive network and industry insight allow us to optimize your spending, ensuring that every dollar is allocated wisely to create an unforgettable experience.

Personalization:  Your business is unique, and your incentive trip should reflect that. We excel in tailoring every detail to your company’s culture, objectives, and preferences, ensuring that the trip design is the perfect fit for your team.

Expertise: Go Together DMC is a 100% Brazilian team, made of seasoned experts in incentive travel. Our long experience in the Brazilian territory and wealth of knowledge make us a key partner for designing a trip. From destination selection to activity planning, everything will be flawless.

For a seamless and unforgettable incentive travel experience in Brazil, contact us today!