A coast bordered by native forests and the blue sea make Itacaré, in Bahia, one of the most desirable destinations of all Brazilian northeast (and there’s no shortage of options!).

The secret recipe of such success is quite simple: Itacaré manages to simultaneously offer deserted beaches, trendy beaches, urban beaches, numerous nightlife options and first-class infrastructure.

Only 75 km away from Ilhéus, Itacaré is no longer an isolated and almost unknown paradisiacal location, but one of the most popular destinations on the so-called Cocoa Coast. If before the main visitors were fishermen and hippies in search of tranquility, today Itacaré is established as a formidable tourist destination for many audiences. Over time, travelers from all over the world began to unravel the secrets of this magical little piece on the south coast of Bahia.

There is a large offer of inns in Itacaré, with several options varying in price and levels of luxury. It is possible to stay in hostels for surfers to a luxurious resort on a virtually exclusive beach, proper for corporate events and incentive groups. 

With a huge nature conservation area, Itacaré still manages to maintain an untouched, wild feeling on several beaches, and it is exactly the combination of almost uninhabited strips of sand with a lively city, full of restaurants, shops, bars and parties that pleases everyone. Itacaré envelops its visitors on sunny days and untouched beauty by the sea.

  • The beaches of Itacare

The beaches of Itacaré are, of course, its highlight: there are thirteen main beaches to visit. Some are accessible by car and others by beautiful trails through the Atlantic Forest, but the important thing is to know that Itacaré has beaches for all tastes.

The beaches of Itacaré are divided between the urban and rural ones. The first ones have easy access, are very close to the city center and are always busier. Among the most preserved urban beaches, it is worth checking out Praia do Resende, Praia da Tiririca, Praia do Costa and Praia da Ribeira, all located in Caminho das Praias. Besides them, another good choice is Praia da Concha, which great touristic infrastructure.

The rural beaches are surrounded by natural beauties, the ideal destination for those who love a more preserved environment. All of them are accessible from the BA-001 highway, and some of them require walking trails. If secluded spots are your thing, it’s worth checking out: Prainha, Itacaré’s biggest star and one of the most beautiful in the region, from where you have access to the beautiful Praia de São José; Praia da Engenhoca, Praia Havaizinho and Praia da Camboinha (or Gamboa), all three with spectacular views and access via the same trail; Praia de Itacarezinho, one of the most spectacular landscapes in Itacaré; and also the beaches of Jeribucaçu and Arruda.

  • Itacaré all year round

Itacaré is a great choice throughout the year and the weather is always fine. The hottest months are those in Brazilian summer season and the average maximum temperature from November to March ranges from 28°C to 29°C, while the minimum is around 23°C. The coldest months have a maximum between 24°C and 26°C and the minimum reaches 20°C.

There is no dry season in Itacaré, but a period with less rain. The months marked by the lowest incidence of rainfall are August, September and October, with rates ranging from 96 mm to 117 mm. The rainiest months are March, April and November, with variations between 146 mm and 164 mm.

  • Surfers’ paradise!

Itacaré is on the list of the best surf points in Brazil, with good waves all year round, constant climate changes that allow the entry of large swells at any time and an always warm water temperature, ranging between 23°C and 37°C.

    • Summer (December to March) Period marked by small waves. In March, the waves start to build, usually with an early season swell. At this time, due to the large touristic flow, the beaches are usually full.
    • Autumn (March to June) Small to medium waves with some good swells. This period coincides with the beginning of the low season and the beaches are less crowded.
    • Winter (June to September) The best season to surf in Itacaré, with lots of waves every day that can reach 3m in height. The climate gets colder and more humid and, due to the July holidays, the city receives many surfers from all over the world.
  • Spring (September to December) The waves improve in quality, but start to decrease in size, with offshore wind and tube formation. The city is quieter in this period with a very pleasant climate.
  • So many resting days

The more time in Itacaré, the more groups will be able to recharge batteries. A four-day trip allows to visit the main beaches, but a 7-days one is ideal to enjoy each one of them without rushing. With 10 days, groups will be able to do all the tours and relax a lot.

  • Stroll at night on Rua da Pituba and surroundings

If during the day tourists seek the various beaches of Itacaré, at night the vast majority rush to enjoy Pituba. The street is popular with foreigners and is full of shops, bars and restaurants for all tastes. It is worth walking along the main street and also along the parallel ones. All offer good options to enjoy the night. It has bars with live music, cool restaurants and romantic spots for couples. It’s also worth enjoying a good night of forró!

  • Take the opportunity to discover the islands of Camamu Bay and the beaches of the Maraú Peninsula

Itacaré is really beautiful, but the neighboring beaches leave nothing behind. Tours for the islands of Camamu and also the beaches of the Península de Maraú are very popular: Camamu offers beautiful landscapes, such as Ilha da Pedra Furada and Ilha do Goió. At Maraú, one of the greatest attractions of Bahia takes place: the formation of the natural pools of Taipu de Fora, which shows up at a very low tide, at new and full moons only.

  • Get the best tours and conditions with local experts

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