2021 didn’t went as we would have liked and, for many explorers around the globe, dreams and travel plans were canceled or delayed. Now, since we are already envisioning a better scenario, it is time to start looking for the best destinations to travel in 2022. With a global progress on the vaccination matter, tourism plans are rekindled and now is the ideal time to start planning your trips and tours for 2022. Brazil’s huge cultural diversity and beautiful natural landscapes makes the country the ideal trending destinations for any tourist profile.

With this in mind, we listed 6 trending destinations for 2022 in Brazil. Stop dreaming and start packing! GT DMC can take you there!

Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul

Located in a privileged region on the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Bonito is the main trending destinations tourist city in the Serra da Bodoquena region. Any trip to this enchanting piece of paradise will always be marked by intense and daily contact with nature. If you are thinking of an ecotourism destination, Bonito is the place to be! Here you will find crystal clear rivers, waterfalls, caves, trails and many, many emotions.

The city belongs to the “cerrado” biome, with its limestone massifs, these rocks provide the waters of unparalleled transparency, making the rivers true sanctuaries of subaquatic life, rich with algae and fish species. Tourism began in the 1980s and its truly tunned with conservation regulations. Tourists can enjoy more than 50 activities, such as visiting waterfalls and rivers, abseiling, diving, biking, horseback riding, etc.

Fortaleza, Ceará

With astonishing coastline, red cliffs, palm trees, dunes and lagoons, Fortaleza, in Ceará, has 34 kilometers of coastline with 15 main beaches. The city is limited by the mouth of the rivers Ceará, to the north, and Pacoti, to the south. The beaches most frequented by locals are Praia do Futuro, Meireles, Mucuripe and Praia de Iracema, in addition to Leste-Oeste and Barra do Ceará. Despite the possibilities in the midst of local nature, it is worth reinforcing the architecture of places such as the Theatro José de Alencar, whose construction follows the art nouveau style, inaugurated in 1910. Another architectural highlight is the Metropolitan Cathedral, in neo-gothic style. 

Boipeba, Bahia

Boipeba island is located in the municipality of Cairu. Adjacent to Tinharé Island, where famous destination of Morro de São Paulo is located, together, they form the Cairu archipelago, constituting a popular tourist highlight in Bahia. Its such a beautiful place, that has been ranked as the second most beautiful island in South America, just after Easter Island, in Chile, by internet users in the Traveller’s Choice 2013. There are several beaches in Boipedba, filled with Atlantic Forest, native fruit trees, several species of palm trees, sandbanks, coral reefs and mangroves. Boipeba is the typical beach destination for those looking for days of peace and relaxation by the sea, so, bear in mind thar there’s are no major tourist obligations to fulfill – the only request will be, basically, to sunbathe. Travelers can reach the beautiful stretches of sand – many of them deserted – taking walks along the seaside, inside coconut farms, touring mangroves or on boat trips around the island. On the beaches, enjoy yourself and dive in the natural pools that form at low tides, practice snorkeling and, for sure, try some of the fresh seafood sold on the boats that support tourists.

Jericoacoara, Ceará

Jericoacoara is a village in the state of Ceará, 300 km from Fortaleza. A favorite place for Brazilians, Jeri is, for certain, one of the best destinations to travel in Brazil in 2022. Sought after by those who want peace, Jeri is a destination to visit all year round. Since heat is always present, even in Brazilian winter, Jeri is a good place to go. The best option is to arrive by plane, landing at Jericoacoara Regional Airport, located in Cruz, 30 km from the village. From the airport to Jeri, the best option is to hire a 4×4 transfer, as part of the route will be carried out on the sand, by Praia do Preá (Jeri is a sandy village and therefore has no pavement at all). There are two major tours, the one on the east side and the one on the west side, and can be done in a group or privately, that you can ride in buggy jeeps or quadricycle. With many options to enjoy, these tours bring together the most beautiful paradises in Jericoacoara, such as Pedra Furada, Lagoa Azul and Lagoa do Paraíso. The village of Jeri is one of the best destinations to travel in 2022, especially for those who want to rest and enjoy beautiful beaches, dunes and lagoons.

Jalapão, Tocantins

Located in the state of Tocantins, Jalapão has a huge number of natural beauties, including fervedouros [holes], waterfalls, dunes and viewpoints. Considered one of the best destinations to travel in 2022, Jalapão have wonderful natural spots like Dunas do Jalapão, Cachoeira do Formiga, Prainha do Rio Novo, Cachoeira da Velha, Serra do Espírito Santo and the Bella Vista Fervedouro. Ideal for resting and, at the same time, getting in touch with nature, Jalapão is one of the most beautiful places in Brazil. One of the best destinations in the country for ecotourism lovers, Jalapão is yet being discovered by travelers who like to explore new routes. The difficult access helps to preserve the region, which still receives few tourists in search of “cerrado” wonders, but those who venture on this trip will not regret it. With no airports at the destination, the fastest way to get to Jalapão includes a flight to the city of Palmas, capital of Tocantins, followed by land transport, preferably in 4×4 vehicles.

Maragogi, Ceará

Above all, Maragogi is a trending destinations to enjoy the sea and a deep relaxation time. With a coastline compared to the Caribbean Sea, this region of the Costa dos Corais is perfect for travelers looking for clear and calm waters. Tourism in Maragogi is almost entirely dedicated to its sea or tours. The city’s most famous attraction, the natural pools called “gales” by natives, provide great diving at low tides with scuba masks, allowing visibility of subaquatic life. An exuberant destination, Maragogi have been fascinating tourists hearts. Its preserved beaches and sea in green and blue tones are considered one of the most beautiful in Brazil. Located in the north coast of Alagoas, about 130 km from the capital Maceió, Maragogi have a rich marine life, with different species of corals, crustaceans and colorful fish. The city is often visited by tourists coming from the capital on day trips, but it is a good option to stay and enjoy and entire vacation.

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