Destination Management Company (DMC) or Destination Management Organization (DMO) are the critical link connecting travelers and service providers. They are specialists in local knowledge, from regional language to the best tourist opportunities to the most authentic dining places.

Very objectively, a DMC is a company that provides tourism services for both leisure (individual or groups), as well as incentive and convention trips, and which aggregates absolutely all the services necessary to meet the traveler’s needs. From a professional guide waiting for you at airport arrivals, take you and your group to a transfer, to complete organization of a convention and all the logistics involved, among many other things.


What services can GT DMC help me with?


GT DMC can provide unique travel experiences in Brazil.


It is increasingly important that incentive travel provides unique opportunities. People want an experience that they cannot get elsewhere—something new and exciting. Incentive travel destinations must create enthusiasm, and incentive winners need to make lasting memories.


Also, GT DMC have a very close relationship with all Brazilian suppliers, ensuring prices that an agency or operator would not be able to do directly. Our team can manage everything from the boarding in Brazil to the return; every step and service of the itinerary; every phone call with international suppliers and every ticket purchase. The list is long and could go on for a few more pages. We can also guide you through the process of choosing event venues, meetings, hotels with the required profile, formatting tours and authentic experiences, diverse attractions, support staff and so on.


Everything will be under professionals at all times. This increases confidence, making the job easier and guarantees that it will turn out well. Those imponderables will no longer be a problem with a person who knows the destination perfectly by your side.   


Choosing on point


The destination used to speak for itself, but a 2016 Incentive Research Foundation study found that “authentic, unique experiences are essential” where singularity and social value trump prestige and status. There is a growing desire for one-of-a-kind events, authentic activities only found at that destination, and experiences that ingrain a lasting impression on the participant. That means unforgettable experiences shouldn’t simply be a perk of your incentive travel program: they might be the most important aspect for the foreseeable future.


What are the benefits of working with a DMC?


  • DMCs have the ability to create unique event concepts and experiences
  • We have extensive knowledge of the Destination: working with a DMC means you can get the opportunity to visit secret gems that may not be known to non-locals, and most importantly, to know what is currently open to the public and what guidelines apply. 
  • You will be informed of all the best hotels, activities, restaurants, etc. in Brazil, because GT DMC knows the country thoroughly.
  • We work closely with our supplier partners to create highly engaging and custom experiences that amaze event attendees, and reflect the colors of Brazil.
  • We have full experience in every type of travel experience you’re looking for your company. We can advise you and start planning your travel right now so that everything comes out well.
  • We can make your work a lot easier, because you will only have to speak to one person who will contact suppliers and coordinate with them.


What is Incentive Travel and why it matters? 


Incentive travel programs are a way to reward employees for outstanding performances or achieving a very important goal. They have proved to be a powerful tool capable of strengthening the relationship between the company and employees and the organization’s image. These trips are intended to recognize efforts and motivate teams to perform high-level work with a focus on results.


But bear in mind that an incentive travel needs to provide more than free tickets and accommodations. It should be a remarkable experience for those contemplated. Thus, they will be able to share these moments with other employees, encouraging them to work harder for future campaigns.


As this award depends on the results achieved, part of the travel costs will be covered by the profits that the company obtained after the campaign itself. In addition, the contributor once awarded, surely will dedicate much more time and efforts to get the trip in the next campaign. On the other hand, those who have not yet been contemplated will have more enthusiasm to try harder after seeing the reports of those who have already won the trip.


4 tips for setting up an incentive trip in your company



To create a motivating program, you need to understand who you are trying to motivate. By homing in on your target audience, you learn what rules will be effective and what destinations will be exciting. Additionally, you need to define your business goals. Take the time to strategize up to three clear, concise goals and write them down. You will be amazed at how they bring clarity of purpose for your management team.



Sure, you expect us to say this! But if this is your first incentive trip and your group is 20 winners or more, we suggest hiring a DMC. They can offer valuable expertise, fresh ideas, and solutions that save you time and money. Because they have planned hundreds of trips, their capabilities include destination expertise, end-to-end management, global partnerships, and more.



Selecting a motivational destination is a mix of science and art, which means the expertise of a good DMC can be extremely beneficial. They are pros on destinations, flight options, and “incentive-quality” hotels. They have traveled to most places, seen resorts inside and out, vetted amazing activities, and built strong local partnerships. Additionally, they can help you avoid common mistakes companies make when choosing destinations.



When building a budget, there are several considerations to factor in, from number of trip winners (and guests) to duration of trip, estimated airfares to meals. Two of the most impactful details are the location of the trip and the number of nights. A properly designed incentive travel program will pay for itself with incremental gross margin on increased sales volume and loyalty from your top performers.


It’s clear that DMC event planning is a valuable service that can help you save time, money, and even boost your stature as a company. But if you want to reap the benefits that it has to offer, you need to choose a company that can actually follow through on its promises.


GT DMC is a top choice for destination management in Brazil, as we have the experience, the wide-reaching connections, and an impeccable reputation.


Contact one of our travel specialists at and let’s start planning a hallmark of a trip for your team!