So, you’ve decided to hire a DMC Brasil to help you plan your incentive trip to this amazing country. That’s a smart idea (think of all those beaches, the culture, the scenic landscapes…) But how to pick the right one? Which one can really help you? Whether you’re looking for a whole travel programming for your business group, or for key points like transportation, event planning services, logistics, décor, dine-arounds, off site excursions, entertainment, or a combination of services, there is a bunch of things you must consider when hiring a DMC Brasil. First of all, let’s get through the basics:

What is a DMC?

A DMC is a team of local consultants that handle your destination planning, providing your organization with a customized experience while traveling. The DMC primary acts as the liaison between client and experiences, saving the client time, sometimes money, and definitely helping with learning curve. Imagine the difference between sourcing a single venue one time in a foreign destination, or having the working knowledge of partnering with that venue multiple times for multiple events, and maintaining a relationship there because you have the same goals: satisfied clients.

Then multiply that experience by two, five or even ten different experiences that a planner will normally need to source for any given meeting, and the value of a DMC partner becomes apparent on the sourcing side. Having a single point of contact (the DMC) for multiple experiences (over multiple days) is a value in and of itself. To add to that, after sourcing the experiences for a client, then the DMC will act as a representative of their client, and be the point of contact for implementation and execution of the event.

In addition, DMCs are accustomed to working within local and state guidelines, laws, restrictions, etc. and will ensure that your company trip, meeting or event has all of the licensing, permitting, and other regulatory documents required. The more variables you have (accomodation, venues, catering, entertainment, transportation, the list goes on), the more valuable this is. And the better your DMC Brasil knows those partners, the smoother your event will go. 

When do I need a DMC?

Whenever you wish to travel as a corporate entity. Destination management companies give you access to rates and experiences you wouldn’t have otherwise. No matter the size of your business, there are advantages that can be gained by using a management service for your next trip. DMCs leverage relationships with vendors to negotiate pricing on your behalf to make sure you get the best service for the best price. Larger businesses may be able to use these relationships to lock-in bulk/wholesale rates.

What benefits come with using a DMC?

There is no finite list of benefits that come with destination planning because every client carries a different set of needs. Even if you use the same DMC year after year, they should be constantly competing against themselves to make each year more and more memorable. 

Here’s a short list of usual benefits a DMC can provide:

  • Single point of contact: This means you don’t have to waste time tracking down different vendors whenever there is an issue.
  • Vendor management: You get access to their list of preferred vendors, getting you vetted professionals at better rates.
  • Logistics management: From arrival to departure, your entire trip is coordinated for your organization. 
  • Schedule planning: They create a timeline for all of your events, making sure you arrive safe and on time.
  • Personalization: The entire travel itinerary and the desired characteristics for the event are 100% customizable, that is: the travel package will be designed and developed to meet the customer’s expectations in the smallest detail.
  • Event planning: This is where the DMC has the greatest opportunity to show their worth to the client, by planning an event everybody will be talking about forever.
  • Venue selection: In-depth knowledge about the venues available at your destination takes out the guesswork and provides you with the perfect location for your specific needs.

How can I choose the best DMC?

Bear in mind that the right DMC should meet the three Rs: be reliable, relevant and revolutionary. Who you work with plays a vital role in the travel industry – not only to deliver the right offering to the right audience but also to provide the best possible experience to travellers. Choosing a DMC in a foreign country, especially a big one like Brasil, can be a daunting task, but by keeping a few non-negotiables in mind, it becomes far less formidable. So, how should you best assess a DMC partner? We have listed some key points to analyze before hiring a DMC.

  1. Expertise and longevity: One of the most important factors to consider when hiring a DMC is how long the company has been in business. Because a DMC’s value lies in their extensive knowledge of a destination, hiring a DMC with years of experience can be the difference between creating a good event and an incredible event. Experienced DMCs will have the knowledge and connections necessary to make your time in a new country relaxing, enjoyable, and memorable.
  2. Company Values: Research the company to find out if its values are compatible with yours. If you want to work with a company who values customer service and taking care of clients, look for those qualities when you meet with its representatives. Explore case studies of previous programs to see if their design strategies speak to your values and expectations. GT DMC Brasil value local culture, respect local residents and suppliers, especially those who work to make Brasil a plural country in every way. Our service is human and close, we treat our customers as unique and are willing to always seek the best project for each client.
  3. Business vision: Since the DMC is producing the whole company trip for you, it’s important that their vision aligns with yours. Consider what services the DMC specializes in. While most DMCs have a wide range of services, don’t overlook what they are best known for! Make sure that the DMC Brasil you hire has a vision that works with yours.
  4. Creativity: For some people, creativity isn’t the first thing they consider when hiring a DMC, but it’s definitely something to think about. You’re visiting a new city to explore someplace new, so you probably don’t want an event that could happen anywhere. Guests should experience the unique culture and flavor of the city, so look for a DMC that celebrates their country through their events. Access and see a sample of the experience templates we can provide and customize for your team.
  5. Customer reviews: This is a big one! Before hiring a DMC, look or ask for client testimonials.  GT DMC Brasil already developed projects for large companies like Fiat, Banco BMG, Jeep, Sankhya, Itaú, Engie, Renault and Mercantil Brasil.
  6. Past events and pictures: They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so be sure to look at photos and videos of past events that the DMC has produced. In your first contact with GT DMC travel specialists, you will have access to our complete portfolio and records of the experiences that we already provide for our clients in the most unique itineraries in Brasil. 
  7. Being able to better manage time: The preparation time of a company trip can be very long, and last several months, if not more than a year; so knowing how to manage the remaining time is an essential gift. When your DMC agents thinks they’re upfront, they’re on time, and when they think they’re keeping up with the roadmap, they’re already late. It is important to know how to go straight to the point, i.e. choose the shortest route between two points. A good DMC must know how to remove the obstacles and do only what is really necessary, leaving aside irrelevant steps. 

Building strong partnerships

The DMC partner that you select should feel like an extension of your team and should be someone you will want to work with for an extended period of time. You will want to work with someone you feel comfortable with – someone you would want to be friends with. GT DMC is a 100% Brasilian company, that loves what it does and most importantly, that loves and values its country, its people and its culture.

We at GT DMC Brasil take pride in our ability to serve our clients with an unparalleled quality of service. No matter the size of your business, or what industry you’re in, you can trust that your expectations will be exceeded in every imagined interaction with Brazilian culture. Our goal is to always “wow” our clients, providing them with unique and exciting experiences.

Why don’t we schedule a chat? Access, get to know our travel specialists and the best conditions to discover all the beauties of Brasil!