Brazil has more than 7.000km of coastline, which makes choosing a single beach to visit an impossible task. From north to south, there’s a huge variety of beaches in brazil at the paradisiacal destinations, from the most secluded and wild, to the most popular during the summer season. These postcard scenarios attract tourists from Brazil and all over the world every year, from January to January. Due such variety, it is possible to plan different tours, according to the characteristics of each traveler or group: beaches for those who enjoy adventures, for those who want to go scuba diving, for those who are looking for calm waters and relaxation, beaches to go with children, to party and so on. 

Worldwide celebrated and disseminated, the beaches in the Northeast region are the most wanted. With sunshine and pleasant seawater temperature all year round, they are recommended at any season. In the Southeast region, the most developed in the country and home to the largest metropolises, there are unmissable beaches  in Brazil on the coasts of the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Espirito Santo. The South region does not get behind: although internationally known for the colder climate, its three states have beautiful and highly sought after beaches, especially Santa Catarina.

GT DMC has listed 11 beaches that can transform your company’s incentive trip into a highly desired goal for any team.

Beaches in Brazil Northeast

Praia do Patacho [Patacho Beach], Porto de Pedras, AL

Perfect for those who like peace and tranquility, Praia do Patacho conquers everyone looking for a place to relax in front of the sea. Located in Porto de Pedras, a municipality close to São Miguel dos Milagres, this part of the Alagoas coast has the advantage of being more secluded, unlike other busier destinations in the Northern state. With intimate accommodations nearby and tasty cuisine, Praia do Patacho is a true paradise to enjoy. The sea at Praia do Patacho is green, calm and charming, especially during summer, when the waters are most clear than ever. The destination is ideal for couples, or people looking for a private place to spend days in absolute peace. The main activity to do there is to enjoy the day at the beach under the constant sun, with dips to cool off. When the tide is low, natural pools form on the reefs that decorate the waters a little further from the shore. There are raft trips organized by some fishermen who live there, with which it is possible to go to these deeper waters and observe the marine life.

Praia do Frances [Frances Beach], Marechal Deodoro, AL

Considered one of the most beautiful in Alagoas and one of the best beaches in Brazil, Praia do Frances is today a popular spot for anyone visiting Maceio. It is located in the city of Marechal Deodoro, 25km away from Maceio, Alagoas capital. Great part of the beach is surrounded by a barrier reef, which during low tide makes the beach look like an immense pool of crystal clear and calm waters. Praia do Frances is perfect for children and for travelers in need of tranquility. Praia do Frances has great infrastructure for tourists, with several kiosks and street vendors offering food and drinks. In addition to Praia do Frances, there are several other beaches in Maceio that are worth a visit, such as Praia do Gunga.

Praia do Toque [Toque Beach], São Miguel dos Milagres, AL

Are you looking for a peaceful and paradise beach to enjoy on your trip to Brazil? Then Praia do Toque is the best choice for you. Located in São Miguel dos Milagres, about 97 km from Maceio, approximately 1 hour and a half by car, the beach has crystal clear waters, natural pools and is great for family time. The natural pools are its postcard and must be on any itinerary. At Praia do Toque it is possible to practice a good scuba diving, take a refreshing swim in the sea and admire the local marine fauna. It is very important to check the tide table before your raft ride, so you can have a safe tour. Depending on the board it is possible to venture out and walk to the corals, which are visible in the distance and the beauty is enchanting.

Baia dos Golfinhos [Dolphin’s Bay], Pipa, RN

The Pipa municipality in Rio Grande do Norte is one of those destinations that appeals to all types of audiences: from travelers looking for adventure and entertainment, to those who are more willing to enjoy the tranquility by the sea. Among the best attractions in Pipa is the Praia do Curral, popularly known as Baia do Golfinhos, ideal for those who want more contact with the dolphins [golfinhos in portuguese]. At Praia do Curral, they usually welcome visitors with jumps and acrobatics. It is worth mentioning that to get there travelers must wait for the low tide period, when the path is almost dry and it will be easier to reach one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Baia dos Golfinhos is a beach with calm and crystalline waters, great for relaxation.

Baia do Sancho [Sancho Bay], Fernando de Noronha, PE

The Traveler’s Choice 2020, TripAdvisor’s annual award that considers the best destinations evaluated by users, elected Baia do Sancho as the best beach in the world. It is at least the fifth time (and the second consecutive year) that the renowned beach in Fernando de Noronha leads the world ranking, displacing other paradisiacal destinations around the globe, such Maldives and Bahamas. Among the elements that justify its fame are the golden sand strip surrounded by imposing cliffs, and the crystal clear waters in different shades of blue and green. Baia do Sancho is also home to coral reefs and a rich marine life, which can be admired during snorkeling or boat trips. Get ready to have the company of dolphins next to you boat! To reach Sancho, however, it is necessary to descend a narrow staircase inside a crevice and face lots of steps – but the stunning beauty of the place justifies all the effort!

Praia de Carneiros [Carneiros Beach], Tamandaré, PE

Praia dos Carneiros is considered one of the most famous beaches in Brazil and stands out for its crystal clear and warm waters, with reefs that form natural pools at low tide, in addition to a charming and well-located little church – Capela São Benedito – which yields one of the most beautiful scenery among Brazilian beaches. In addition to its beautiful view, Carneiros remains shallow for a long stretch of sand – so it is possible to walk to the pools area and children can play by the sea without much danger. Those who visit Recife (Pernambuco state capital) or are in Porto de Galinhas usually stop by, but Carneiros is such a pleasant and welcoming place that it deserves to be more than a brief destination.

Praia do Espelho [Espelho Beach], Curuípe, BA

Praia do Espelho is one of the most secluded paradises on the South Coast of Bahia and is part of the Porto Seguro municipality, located halfway between the villages of Trancoso and Caraíva. The place, also called Curuípe, is still a very peaceful destination and can be described as a discreet seaside village. The natural pools that form at Praia do Espelho are a hidden treasure for many tourists who visit the region, in addition to the beautiful cliffs in shades of pink, red and beige. The view is complete with lots of coconut groves that border the sand strip and also with the river that flows into the sea, giving a bucolic and even more charming tone to Praia do Espelho. The days in this little piece of heaven must be for relaxation. The waters are calm, the kiosks and hotels are very charming and the view is breathtaking. Enjoy some days at Praia do Espelho to disconnect from the real world!

Beaches in Brazil Southeast

Praia do Forno [Forno Beach], Arraial do Cabo, RJ

The hidden trail at the end of Praia dos Anjos leads to one of the most incredible paradises in Arraial do Cabo, a municipality located 160km from Rio de Janeiro. The effort will be quickly rewarded when you reach the viewpoint that allows a paradisiacal view of the city. Praia do Forno is one of the main attractions of Arraial do Cabo and it is not for less. The color of the water in the cove and the strip of white sand surrounded by exuberant vegetation forms a scenario worthy of many photos. The way to the beach can only be done on foot or by boat. The trail, despite having a steep climb, can be covered in less than 20 minutes with no great effort. Those who prefer not to face the trail can go by boat from Praia dos Anjos. The beach attracts scuba divers, but you can also go snorkeling to see many turtles. 

Praia de Lopes Mendes [Lopes Mendes Beach], Ilha Grande, RJ

Located in the beautiful region of Costa Verde, Ilha Grande is known for its beautiful beaches. But Praia de Lopes Mendes is considered one of the most beautiful in Brazil and that’s why it attracts many tourists every year. With almost 3km of extension, this strip of coastline is totally uninhabited and very well preserved, a paradise that manages to stand out among so many other beauties of the region. Praia de Lopes Mendes faces the open sea, on the oceanic coast of the island, a geographical position that makes its waters more restless and cold, attracting lots of surfers. Despite the waves, the beach is shallow and the water cleanliness is top notch. It is possible to get there by boat or by trail.

Praia do Sono [Sono Beach], Paraty, RJ

Praia do Sono is part of the Juatinga Ecological Reserve, an integral protection conservation unit in the state of Rio de Janeiro, home to important ecosystems of the Atlantic Forest. A favorite among tourists looking for wild and deserted beaches, it is a true paradise located at the Costa Verde region in Rio de Janeiro. With a long stretch of sand, preserved vegetation and a paradisiacal view, it is the ideal route for adventurous travelers. Praia do Sono, by itself, is worth a visit, but it still gives access to the neighboring beaches, Antigos and Antiguinhos and, a little further away, to Praia de Ponta Negra. 

Beaches in Brazil South 

Guarda do Embaú, Palhoça SC

Guarda do Embaú, a small fishing village that has become a target for tourists from Brazil and all over the world, still preserves its alternative style, considered an untouched piece of paradise. The place deserves a special position in the huge set of Brazilian beaches: with clear and fine sand, Guarda is considered one of the most beautiful in the South region. The access to the beach is via Rio da Madre, swimming or canoeing. There is a small beach in the north corner that can be reached by a trail, without the need to cross the river. Located in the municipality of Palhoça, in Santa Catarina, Guarda is about 50 kilometers away from Florianopolis and just over 80 kilometers from Balneário Camboriú. Considered one of the best spots for surfing, Guarda is not just a stronghold for fans of the sport. Tourists from different corners flock to the beach in the summer in search of paradisiacal scenarios such as those found at Prainha and at Pedra do Urubu, both accessible by easy trails.

Discovering Brazil is a unique adventure and GT DMC can take your teams to enjoy unforgettable times in these paradise beaches with comfort and no bureaucracy. Contact us right now and start planning your next incentive trip campaign!