10 reasons to count on specialists to boost incentive travel plans


First things first: understanding a DMC as an asset for your company

Corporate events and meetings such as travel incentives are critical to a company's success. However, planning for a corporate event, more so an out-of-country can be a challenging and demanding task, especially if you have minimal to zero knowledge about the destination you aim for.

That is why working with an outside Destination Management Company (DMC) is something that you should consider.

Many may argue that a DMC is something of a needless expense based on questions suc: but what if I have an event planner of my own? What if I am an experienced traveler and, most of all, can count on online resources like blogs and travel forums to use as references?

The answer to all of these questions must be: a DMC is what we like to call "local experts". This means their information about the selected area (a specific city or, more frequently, a country) is more accurate and up-to-date than any information you may find googling.

Having said that, as the person in-charge, you can spend more of your time and energy on internal politics and making sure the company goals are being met. Remember, when you are the in-house meetings professional, you wear multiple hats - from providing the view to your stakeholders on the program's ROI to the overall company's goals, to making sure the program content and design truly reflect the company's culture.

If that were not enough, the following are specific reasons to convince you to work with a DMC for your incentive travel programs.


  • They speak for your company

A DMC represents you. It acts as your eyes and ears on the ground, keeping you informed while helping you find better and more effective ways to achieve your goals for the event.

In addition, DMCs understand and respect the relationship that you have with your client.

With this in mind, they will make sure to extend all information and alternatives to you; therefore, you can provide these things to your client, as well as your team. At the same time, DMCs ensure exemplary planning and execution.


  • They will guide you throughout the travel experience

Professionals at a DMC will always have an outside perspective to your plans and will keep working on developing uniquely original concepts. They are most useful when the event is held in a location with which the hiring organization's meeting planner is not familiar. Rather than try to make long distance arrangements with unknown persons and companies, it is prudent to select a reputable DMC in the city of service to handle local logistics.


  • The have all the expertise

DMCs deal with specialized travel, excursions, events, and more on a daily basis. Specifically not only have the resources and know-how but also the experience to get the job done efficiently and effectively. They'll be able to make recommendations for your group based on their previous experiences and knowledge of what's going to be the best options for your specific requirements.

There are many ways of travelling, but one of the most unforgettable travels are those in which visitors connect with the real day-by-day of the local communities.

 There are some special restaurants, cafes, shops, monuments, hotels, parks, beaches, events or activities that are only known by local people, so a DMC that lives in that place can offer valuable information for the most demanding travelers.


  • They are masters of local knowledge

A local DMC has extensive knowledge of the services available and the special news about any place and event. For example, a local DMC knows details about traffic patterns, temporary situations, etc. At the same time, a local DMC holds the responsibility of any request or issue that the tourist might have during the trip. Moreover, a local DMC can hire local people and businesses with more criteria, referred to quality and also to trust and responsible tourism.At the same time, local DMCs can offer special advices related to their information about the culture of the place, or even some risks and key information.


  • They are solution providers based on creativity

With years, even decades, of experience under their belts, DMCs are able to create something that will wow your guests, company, and yourself. A DMC can provide multiple ways to design an unforgettable holiday/event while staying within your budget. Moreover, they always make sure that every little thing goes smoothly and contracts are fulfilled.

Many times, the meeting manager does not have the luxury of time to research the best solutions in a foreign destination.

With this comes DMCs as event architects providing creative solutions. They are there to help you out in case of emergencies and unforeseen setbacks. 

You always hope that any trip goes off without a hitch, but inevitably sometimes things can go wrong. Mishaps can be inevitable - holidays have gone wrong, weather issues, unexpected location problems, etc. But with a DMC, you will never be left on your own. Addressing such issues are all part of their duty of care.


  • They can offer a wide range of personalized products and services

This type of agency deals with organizing corporate trips and events. This means planning the whole program as well as all the reservations and coordination.

The list can be very long because everything that the organization of an event entails, virtually everything can be managed by the DMC, and by everything we mean things such:

  • detail-oriented assistance in all facets of programs;
  • recommendations and hotel reservations; 
  • search venues and attractions;
  • planning and management for conventions, meetings and events;
  • restaurant recommendations and reservations;
  • transportation services;
  • tours and tourist activities;
  • gifts and amenities;
  • translation services;
  • a personalized, individual-oriented array of services for leisure and business travelers, groups, and individuals;
  • the sky is the limit!
  • They offer a rare asset in business: simplicity

The process of vetting the suppliers in a local destination, then securing them and bringing together staff to put on a program can be very time consuming - especially if planners are not familiar with a destination.

A DMC will save time in all parts of the planning and procurement process and uncomplicate the contract and payment processes; instead of having to go through legal and procurement for every supplier, a DMC offers one point of contact, one contract and one bill to pay.  


  • They have strong relationship with suppliers

The Internet has made it easier to find suppliers with a click of the mouse, but the challenge is finding the right ones. A transportation company can claim to have the ability to do arrivals and departures for 200 people, but how many vehicles will they supply and what quality are they?

A Michelin-star restaurant may look like the perfect place for a small client event, but it might be right next to a noisy trainline. A DMC would have all the inside knowledge because they've vetted these suppliers already. Furthermore, a DMC has a strong local reputation and resultant negotiating clout; planners leverage these relationships to ensure great service and access to exclusive items that might not be generally accessible.


  • They are key to reach the incentive program goals and objectives

A DMC is the meeting in charge's guardian angel, giving you freedom from headaches. Knowing whom to call upon, what, and how to negotiate, the proven quality of services to be provided, and the office, staff, and credit resources to conduct business are welcome resources for you and will make your tasks easier.

Using a DMC also avoids duplication or extra work and enhances and gives support to achieve your goals and objectives.


  • They are the cheaper solution in the long run

Hiring a DMC is more affordable than you think. Because of the volume they do business with local vendors, you often get better pricing, not the same pricing if you were to call the vendor directly. DMCs research what location best suits your event and budget. The time and effort saved can make it extremely cost-effective to use DMC.

The advantages of using a comprehensive, well-established DMC include the fact that the staff is often creative people who can offer their clients first-hand knowledge of destinations, as well as local buying power.

It will save you time, effort, and - most importantly - money. It will eliminate stress by providing a support network from inception to completion. Finding the right DMC partner assures the confidence that the event objectives will not only be met, but exceeded, and ensures repeat business for you and your team.

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