How many times have you been in your office dreaming of an amazing vacation in a paradise destination? Perhaps the image on your computer’s desktop is even a beach with white sands and crystal clear water… It is very likely that, like you, the members of your company are thinking the same… Turning this dream into reality is very possible if you start planning right now an unforgettable incentive trip to Brazil! Depending on the destination, when you get there it will still look like you are dreaming!

And the destination in question is, of course, Jericoacoara, a village in the municipality of Jijoca de Jericoacoara, 300 km from Fortaleza, capital of the Brazilian state of Ceará and one of the most coveted destinations for Brazilians and for foreigners in our country. The place is ideal for those who want the simplicity of a nature stay, a place where you can enjoy a delicious dive in the blue sea or in crystalline lagoons and still count on excellent quality restaurants! This wonderful scenario – dunes, sea, lagoons and mangroves and much more – makes the village of Jeri is a refuge from the modernity of big cities and the daily hustle.

There are no tall buildings, no need for cars or cobbled streets – all of them are sandy. In such picturesque setting, simplicity and a welcoming aura are noticeable, which makes many feel at home. A difficult access fence still helps to maintain this bucolic atmosphere of the village, although tourist flow keeps strong throughout the year. Jeri, so called by the locals, is also the right destination for those who loves to sail. There is no bad time that prevents visitors from learning these sports there.

How to get to Jericoacoara

Precisely because it is surrounded by a “mountain of dunes” Jericoacoara for many years was a place with difficult access. Although it has changed a lot since the period when it was just a fishing village, simplicity still reigns in the place. Getting to Jericoacoara has become much easier in recent years with the opening of Jericoacoara Airport (JJD). The JJD is located about 30 km from the village, in the city of Cruz. Another very popular alternative is to fly to Ceará via Fortaleza International Airport (FOR) and from there take a shared transport or bus to travel the 300 km to Jericoacoara. There are also those who reach Jericoacoara by car, but it is important to remember that only vehicles with authorization can circulate inside the village and it is necessary to leave the car parked outside. (Keep in mind that GT DMC has an incredible network of partners on site and will organize everything for your teams!)

When is the best time to visit Jericoacoara?

Jericoacoara is an excellent destination and possible throughout the year, but at certain times the stay is more favorable. The rainy season runs from January to June, while July is an intermediate month. On the other hand, the sun shines nonstop from August to December.

Thus, the best time to visit Jericoacoara is from July to the beginning of January, when the rains are scarce. One of the biggest attractions are the lagoons and they are full between August and October, when the weather is perfect. But, if you can only go in the months of January and February, there are risks of facing cloudy days and rain.

Top beaches and lagoons of Jericoacoara

Praia de Jericoacoara

It is the main beach in the village, attended by windsurfers to learn or train the sport. In front of the sea there are some hotels, restaurants and bars that during the afternoon offer a beautiful view for the sunset. Jeri beach usually has a calm sea and its look changes a lot with the rise and fall of the tide.

Praia da Malhada

Malhada is a little frequented beach in Jericoacoara, but it is close to the village, towards the east of the coast. It is ideal for those looking for a quiet place to enjoy the sea and with easy access on foot. This beach is used by kitesurfers and has no shops or street vendors, so it is a good tip for those looking for tranquility.

Lagoa do Paraíso

Lagoa do Paraíso, one of the most sought after and visited postcards in Jericoacoara, stays about 30 minutes from the Village, in the Jijoca de Jericoacoara municipality. The colorful hammocks stretched over the water with blue and green tones, thoroughly photographed, often surprise visitors by staying in fresh water and not in the sea.

The path is a bit turbulent and in the middle of dunes, so it is more common to go by buggy or SUVs. Along its length, there are some restaurants and bars. The Alchymist beach club has an excellent structure and good food. For those who want a little more excitement, taking a buggy ride is a way to fully discover the Lagoa do Paraíso region, its dunes and other tourist attractions. On this tour, travelers can discover unique scenarios and enjoy your trip from different angles.

Lagoa de Tatajuba

Usually explored via arranged tours, the Lagoa da Tatajuba is located on the west coast of Jeri. The lagoon has some simple restaurants in its surroundings, with tables and chairs on the water. A good option to relax and for those looking for a quieter place.

Other must-see attractions

  • Pedra Furada: The Pedra Furada is one of the greatest symbols of Jericoacoara. The walk there by the beach of Malhada takes about 2 hours total, round trip. Breathtaking views from all directions make one feel as if one has reached the edge of the Earth. In the period from June 15th to July 30th, travelers will be lucky enough to witness the sun setting in the center of the stone. It is an excellent opportunity to take beautiful photographs.
  • Buraco Azul: The Buraco Azul is a relatively new attraction in Jericoacoara, which has been a huge success on the internet. It is an artificial lagoon that has an impressive blue water, especially on sunny days. Formed by a kind of sinkhole a few meters below the surface level, this is why the lagoon is called the Blue Hole. Take beautiful photos, enjoy the view and jump in the water, the ideal dip for those looking for excitement.

Accommodations and gastronomy

The village has a wide range of options, from simple and small family inns to luxurious hotels and resorts. Some accommodations are located on the edge of the beach, others are on internal streets – but in general everything is very close and accessible with short walks. Vila de Jeri also has good restaurants, several of them following a rustic decor, typical of the place. Prices vary widely and travelers will find both more economical and simple options as well as more refined options.

What to do in Jericoacoara at night?

A downtown tour

The first tip of what to do at night in Jericoacoara is to go out to dinner. The village has several good options of restaurants and bars, many of them with live music. Get lost in the downtown streets: Rua Principal, Rua do Forró and Rua São Francisco and discover all the options.

The beach clubs

The beach clubs attract many tourists when it comes to enjoying Jericoacoara at night. The region is known for having several of them, which help to make moments by the sea even more funny and offer excellent infrastructure. Located in Praia da Malhada, the Club Ventos (Beira Mar n/n, Jijoca de Jericoacoara – CE, Brazil ) has a lounge bar facing the sea, which has already become a meeting point at the end of the day. There, you can taste delicious drinks, delicious dishes and Dj sets with the privilege of being surrounded by the natural beauties that only Jericoacoara has.

Caipirinha tasting

Traditionally, caipirinha is prepared with cachaça and lemon, but this recipe has already been innovated and has numerous combinations of fruits, specially in the Brazilian Northeast. In the caipirinha stalls, typical of Jericoacoara, visitors will find several versions of this drink. It is even an opportunity to try it with regional fruits, such as cajá, tamarind, cashew and siriguela.

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