Fernando de Noronha (Pernambuco, Brazil), is a place where nature has taken on surprising contours. The privileged geography has the most beautiful set of islands in Brazil — there are more than 7000 kilometers of coastline and 21 beaches of stunning beauty, the perfect setting to enjoy unforgettable moments.

It is undeniable that among Fernando de Noronha strips of sand there are some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. The archipelago also hosts many of the best diving sites in the country – along with Abrolhos (Bahia). UNESCO keeps the National Marine Park of Fernando de Noronha on the list of places classified as World Heritage Sites in Brazil.

When you think of Noronha, the sea is precisely the biggest attraction. The water on the islands of the archipelago is clear, made of a mixture of greenish tones that, as they increase in depth, oscillate between shades of blue in a spectacular change. The waters maintain a pleasant temperature throughout the year and are great for diving. Seeing different schools of fish on the beaches, turtles and, sometimes, small sharks is what tourists expect the most – and that is easily attainable. The diversity of marine life in Noronha is surprisingly huge and it is possible to observe extraordinary animals in their natural habitat.

The island is divided between Mar de Dentro, the part facing Brazil, and Mar de Fora, the opposite part, facing Africa. In Mar de Dentro are the Baía do Sancho, the Baía dos Porcos and the Cacimba do Padre. Mar de Fora is more rocky and has fewer beaches, among them Sueste, where you can do one of the best snorkeling dives in Noronha (hopefully you will sharks there), and Praia do Leão, where the turtle spawning takes place.

Fernando de Noronha Beaches

There are 23 beaches in Fernando Noronha and they can please every kind of visitor: for those who like adrenaline and for those who prefer a calmer sea. It is no wonder that Noronha is considered the place of almost everyone’s dreams. Among all options available in the archipelago, we have selected the 6 best beaches to enjoy there. Get on with it!

1. Baía do Sancho

Fernando de Noronha has many different beaches, but going to Baía do Sancho is essential. Sancho is, quite simply, the most beautiful beach in the world. The Traveler’s Choice 2020, TripAdvisor’s annual award that takes into account the destinations best rated by its users in the last year, elected Baía do Sancho as the best beach in the world. That was at least the fifth time (and the second consecutive year) that the most sought after beach of Fernando de Noronha leads the world ranking, displacing other paradisiacal destinations in the Caribbean, Italy and Greece.

Baía do Sancho is only accessible from the sea or going down a staircase in the middle of a rock and right at this moment visitors understand why the place is so appreciated. Walk along the rocky wall above the beach, take many pictures, look at Morro Dois Irmãos and Baía dos Porcos (another equally charming beach). When visiting the place you can still go to Mirante dos Golfinhos, where you can admire many dolphins, especially in the morning.

2. Baía dos Porcos

Baía dos Porcos is the great opponent of Baía do Sancho when it comes to the most beautiful beach in Fernando de Noronha. The scenery is breathtaking: a strip of golden sand with volcanic rocks, crystal clear sea with various shades of green in the background, and natural pools carved into the rocks. In addition to all this, the landscape still has the presence of Morro dos Dois Irmãos, the main postcard of the island.

The Bay of Pigs is located within the National Marine Park of Fernando de Noronha. This park covers about 70% of the island’s area and is responsible for the conservation of the spectacular fauna and flora. The place is ideal for free diving with snorkeling, with many examples of marine life in sight: turtles, stingrays and several different schools of colorful fish.

3. Praia do Atalaia

Despite being called a beach, Atalaia is, in fact, a natural aquarium, with very clear and shallow waters. At low tide, the algal crystals (which are similar to corals) form a barrier, leaving a suitable place for fish of various marine species to live. The sides of the pool are the best spots to observe colorful fish, but there is also a small and friendly shark living there, the joy of visitors.

Praia do Atalaia is more isolated than the other beaches on the island, with more restricted access. Therefore, to reach the site, close to Baía do Sueste, visitors need to face a light trail starting from the Atalaia kiosk, where ICMBio, the agency responsible for monitoring the flow of visitors, has a checkpoint. To preserve the beach’s marine life, access is limited to only 100 visitors per day, who must make an appointment in advance to take the tour. 

4. Cacimba do Padre

Spending a day at Praia Cacimba do Padre is resting with one of the most beautiful views of Fernando de Noronha. The beach is about 500m long and there is a small tourist structure. Is possible to see the Dois Irmãos, symbol of the island, in addition to being one of the best places for surfing in the world.

In the months of calmer waters, between August and November, Cacimba do Padre becomes the ideal place for incredible dives. A good option is to rent a scuba or snorkel equipment and venture into the greenish waters of Cacimba. In addition, this is the best way to get to know the underwater life, especially the colorful fish that are around the corals.

5. Praia do Cachorro

Those staying in Vila dos Remédios will probably first visit Praia do Cachorro. The beach, which is at the end of the main slope and can be accessed by stairs, is a true postcard with breathtaking cinematographic landscapes. The water on this beach is spectacular, with a greenish hue, very clear. Depending on the sea conditions, visitors can take advantage of being on the beach to go to Buraco do Galego, a deep and very beautiful natural pool located on the rock wall that is on the beach – the natural pool is very famous and some people jump off other rocks right in the pool.

6. Praia da Conceição

Praia da Conceição is not only one of the most beloved beaches by all Brazilians from other regions who habitually frequent Fernando de Noronha. Thanks to the extension and fine sand, the place also attracts many residents and has become one of the main points of the island, with a lot of movement and hustle in the high season. In other words, it is a real point in Noronha. Conceição beach has strong waves, mainly from December to March, and there is always a lifeguard unit there. The color of the sea is very beautiful and this large strip of sand offers the tranquility that many people seek when visiting the island.

As it is an archipelago with very specific tourist legislation, planning a trip to Fernando de Noronha requires planning and knowledge of the best partners. GT DMC has everything to promote an unforgettable incentive trip. Get in touch and make a quote.