What is the function of a destination management company?

First things first: before you can think about working with a DMC, you need to know what the real deal is. The best way to understand the function of a destination management company (DMC) is to know what this big name stands for: DMC is a for-profit tourism business that can offer various services to groups (and sometimes, but now commonly, individual travelers). These services range from meeting your travel and accommodation needs to fulfilling your entertainment and leisure expectations. 

In short: a DMC team of local consultants that handle your destination planning, providing your organization with a customized experience while traveling. They manage all of the logistics: flights, hotels, transportation, entertainment, events, conventions logistics, etc. But this is putting it simple. So, let’s dive a little more in the core business of a destination management company.

What services a DMC can help me with?

A destination management company (DMC) maintains in-depth local knowledge of the area or region they represent, specifically with regards to the local coordination and implementation of everything from program and event logistics to event activities. In short, a DMC is essentially a highly specialized consultant for practically every aspect of out-of-town event programming.

As a local consultant, most of a DMC’s services fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Program Design: These services include venue selection and booking, the organization of event activities, and even event decor.
  • Logistics Management: These services include making an event timeline and schedule, booking transportation, and even coordination of guest arrivals and departures.
  • Supplier Management: These services include vendor selection and supplier price negotiation.
  • Accounting: These services include auditing and payment of vendor invoices, financial negotiations, and providing a detailed accounting to a client.

A DMC can assist a corporate event planner in coordinating transportation, hotel accommodations, meals, and local activities. But while a DMC maintains relationships with all hospitality-related services in their area, the firm’s primary service is the organization and planning of the main event itself, whether it be a gala dinner, corporate meeting or conference, or even a corporate incentive trip.

In addition to providing local expertise, a DMC also acts as one key contact throughout the event planning process. Often, the DMC will also be able to leverage lower prices by using their tremendous purchasing power to negotiate for preferential rates with local vendors and suppliers. In non-English speaking countries, a DMC may also help to overcome language barriers.

Why work with a DMC?

DMCs are a critical piece of the puzzle for international travel agents. If you’re building a travel product with inclusive services, a destination management company will help you put all the pieces together and plug any logistical gaps. They’re also perfect if you’re building something completely new for the market; they’ll offer a great perspective on the most successful travel experiences in the region.

DMCs nowadays are basically full service event agencies who create experiences, write concepts and strategies, are “storytellers” and – with experience and know-how a DMC is your one stop shop for a particular destination. 

DMCs are also ideal if you’re creating bespoke travel packages for an exclusive clientele. The huge range of services they provide allows you to be more flexible and plan more complex itineraries. And when your client’s needs change, the DMC is there to help you adapt on the fly, providing services as and when you need them.

DMCs are a big help no matter how you work. 

Working with GT DMC Brazil makes absolutely sense and is definitely less expensive when you may think:

  • We have extensive knowledge of Brazil;
  • We can save you precious time and decrease stress during logistics (time is money);
  • We only work with the best local suppliers ;
  • You’ll get everything from one source;
  • You can focus on your guests needs and look after them while we do the rest of the operation;
  • GT DMC is an experienced destination management company and we have a 360° perspective of your event with attention to details.

It’s clear that DMC event planning is a valuable service that can help you save time, money, and even boost your stature as a company. But if you want to reap the benefits that it has to offer, you need to choose a company that can actually follow through on its promises.

Countless details go into planning DMC events in destinations across a continental sized country like Brazil, and the process can vary greatly depending on the region and even the city that you want to host in. Due to our extensive network of contacts across the country, you can be sure that the best prices and partners will be at hand for your event.

But why choosing GT DMC Brazil as your partner? First of all, we strive to make communication as simple as possible. When you work with us, you always have a direct line with our decision-makers. That means that information can be shared quickly, decisions are made instantly, we can provide you with answers to all of your questions at any time, and we’re very flexible about various details of the event.

Whenever you need an answer or have an urgent situation, you can reach us through our channels, at any time. Working with GT DMC Brazil also means enjoying exclusive arrangements with suppliers, caterers, venues, and entertainment across Europe, allowing you to take advantage of deals that wouldn’t be available otherwise. Our relationships with suppliers have been built over many years, which is why you can enjoy these good results and the flexibility that comes with them.

4 good practices to look for in destination management company

Destination management companies encompasses many unique aspects of a travel or event planning, making it hard to distinguish good from bad practices. Here are the noteworthy best practices in destination management that touch on different aspects of destinations. 

Do your DMC get to know you?

Businesses have different priorities when it comes to travel. For some, cost is everything: a too-expensive trip can ruin the annual budget or lead to the need to cut costs in another area. For other businesses, the actual cost of travel is negligible compared to the deals that they stand to make. They’re looking for convenience for their employees: circumstances that will allow them to get as much work done as possible, maintaining productivity on the go. A good destination management company will work with you to be sure that they understand the unique needs of your company, ensuring that you’ll get the travel results you want.

Do your DMC move away from the same ol’ same ol’?

There is no one-size-fits-all incentive trip. Selecting a motivational destination is a mix of both art and science and most likely such goal can’t be achieved by the company itself. The expertise of a good destination management company can be extremely beneficial and they can access and fully analyze all aspects of your target audience within the company, proposing solutions with different formats, budgets and oriented towards the desired result.

Do your DMC incentive responsibly traveling practices?

In today’s world, there is more requirement than ever before to care – for our planet, for our communities, for our people.  Globally, there are more travelers than ever before. The ability to connect with wonderful new destinations, people and cultures is remarkable, yet this rate of growth is hard to sustain without affecting negatively on our planet. That’s where the “travel responsibly” feature comes into play. And for responsible travel we can list various initiatives, including educating visitors about the local’s way of life, ensuring safety on the roads, enhancing public transport capacity, and building new parking spaces. The goal is to minimize the disruptions tourists can create while improving the safety of visitors and the locals.

Do your DMC provide custom-tailored tourism?

Just like your company has unique needs based on your specific requirements, your employees have their unique travel considerations. You want a destination management company that will provide employees with appropriate options so that they can continue to feel in control of their own travel decisions, shaping travel in a way that will work more effectively for each of them. Those options, however, should always be within the realm of your company’s travel policies so that employees can make their choices without stepping outside those important guidelines.

Choosing the right destination management company is not merely a matter of finding someone who’s able to handle going online and booking flights and hotels. You want a destination management company that will take it to the next level, paying attention to all the important details of travel for your company and your employees. By looking for these key best practices, you’ll discover a better relationship with a destination management company that will make travel easier for you and all of your employees.

Now that you got to know a little better how a destination management company works, and what GT DMC can help you with within Brazilian specificities, how about getting to know our portfolio on a personal basis? Get in contact with one of our Brazilian travel specialists at our website and start making your successful incentive trip a reality in 2023!